On a classic part of West 15th Street, Roman and Williams has designed a glamorous restaurant which stands as an evocative and distinguished nightlife destination in the heart of the meatpacking district.  In this classic industrial building from the 1930’s, Roman and Williams has chosen to evoke the industrial roots of the spaces and to celebrate the architectural qualities of the building, which are such an important part of the meatpacking district History.

Within this shell, a sensual experience, contradicting the rough brick and concrete of early 20th century, downtown manufacturing spaces with a warm, rich dining experience, reminiscent of the glamour of a Canard ship – after all, downtown New York has always been a crossroads and a port-of-call.  The street-front restaurant will glisten through the storefront, while deep inside the windowless space, the restaurant unfolds.  You travel through a foyer bathed in warm light that directs you to either the lounge or restaurant.  Your first passage is through a sparkling bar to the main dining room.  The space reveals a sea of warm wood and upholstered built-in seating as well as a grand stair that brings a formality, history and social energy to the raw space.  Unique areas within the space are created with steps and alternating levels to create different moments within the broader picture. Through the main large dining room, are two massive circular cut-outs in the concrete, exposing a private lounge and a warren of private dining rooms on the second floor.  The patrons may be drinking at the bar, eating fresh oysters at the Oyster Bar, relaxing in the lounge or dining in the main dining rooms.  Juxtaposing the ruggedness of the meatpacking district with a particular brand of uptown glamour creates drama in each of the individual areas of the Project and produces a dynamism and excitement that can only be captured by a downtown Manhattan location.