Hidden behind a one of a kind, custom corset-style curtain encapsulating the room on the second floor, LeGrande restaurant and cocktail lounge is a destination haunt for the creative class in the heart of New York City. The ambiance is subtly dictated by the unlacing of the curtains from day to night; the slow progression mimics the stage changes from Act I all the way through Act III, paying homage to its theatrical surroundings. LeGrande’s concept draws on its meaning of time stopping and discovering momentary bliss, and the space is designed with the idea of finding the truest calm within its walls juxtaposed to the hustle and bustle on the streets outside.

Designed by the famed Rockwell Group, the interior of the lounge embodies the feel of New York’s gentlemen clubs of the 1960’s. The elegant lounge, made up of concrete, light oak woods and accented by neutral upholstery, is the perfect place for guests to socialize or work throughout the day. By night, the space transforms into a sophisticated cocktail bar tucked away behind custom corset-style drapes. Deep jewel tone fabrics emulate the look and feel of beautiful gemstones contrasting with accents of furnished brass and sleek metals to create a cool and inviting atmosphere.