Roman and Williams designed a glamorous subterranean lounge, which stands as an evocative and distinguished nightlife destination in the heart of the meatpacking district.  In this classic industrial building from the 1930’s,  the industrial roots of the spaces are evoked and the architectural qualities of the building are celebrated, which are such an important part of the meatpacking district history.

Under the muscular steel original canopy on 15th street, one can take a refurbished industrial elevator down to an underground lounge.  The background to the lounge is a pool, lined with golds and greens as though one has discovered a glittering dream, both modern and timeless.  With a sunken dance floor, bar and custom circular seating, you are reminded of the sweaty, sexy, 70’s history of a New York party, while the beautifully crafted interiors are reminiscent of 20’s glitter, glamour and refinement.   A sense of fantasy emerges, as the gilded pool has been drained, leaving you in a reflective, private world, where the possibilities are endless.